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‘InkBlots on I-20’: Reflective Poetry Collection


‘InkBlots on I-20’: Reflective Poetry Collection

55 poems + Bonus Poem / 5 Chapters

Use the InkBlots of your life to craft and mold your unique destiny.

Product Description

Hey You. Yes, You…the reader who’s brave enough to pick up this poetry collection. No, don’t look around. I’m talking to You!

Who do you think you are?!

     ‘InkBlots on I-20’ is a reflective poetry collection exploring the concept of choosing your own unique identity. If you are alive, you have a specific reason for living. You have a purpose. There is a destiny created for you – a path to travel – and it is up to you to figure out where that path leads. Knowing and accepting your calling in life is a very personal and powerful revelation. For the past 10 years or so, I’ve been driving on Interstate 20 from Augusta to Atlanta, GA pursuing creative opportunities. The personal reflections of my life during these road trips and adventures led me to a strong knowledge of the process it takes to find out how to tap into my individual strength.

The ‘inkblots’ on my journey of life are the experiences through different relationships, poems written about the visions in my dreams, poems about observing the world and learning how to interact with certain situations, and the words surrounding the moments that truly build character and integrity. This book was written to teach others that in order to find your true self, you have to reflect on your moments, the inkblots that define the steps in your life, to craft a productive and enjoyable future.

I invite you to open the diary of my memoirs. The secret thoughts and dreams that raised a proud and artistic individual  created the poetry of a life well-lived. I am still an ongoing work in progress learning detailed lessons from each inkblot along the way. This is my story that created my God-given path of destiny. Through each mile marker of poetic verse, I challenge you to begin to find yours.